Laura O’Hagan
Scupltural Ceramics, Murals & Mosaics

One goes through so many changes in one’s life that you begin to recognise patterns. Patterns and cycles are invested with energy and movement through a process of recognition linked to form, colour and the fragmentation of light on surfaces.

The movement and experiences of collection and gathering of lines found in natural phenomena is an influence which gradually extends the language of a piece of work.

Inherent in my work is an obsession with primal forces generated by life, dreams and their consequences.

Laura O’Hagan produces sculptural ceramics, murals, 2D and 3D mosaics for exterior and interior, for private individuals and corporate clients.

Laura’s Recent Work

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Church of Our Lady and Saint David, Naas

Church of Our Lady and Saint David, Naas

2012 Rejoice The Angels in this mosaic are playing the trumpets to rejoice in the Christening of new life. The study painting (on view in the gallery below) and prints may be purchased by contacting me at   [justified_image_grid max_rows=5...